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Amigos meat store by Ron Bliberg, Israel

Location: Tel Aviv
Made by: Ron Bliberg
Published in: April 29 2013 / Other Stores
Amigos is a meat factory in a small town out side the city of Tel Aviv. The shop was made to give an option of buying the best meat not only for the restaurant and the public places…a private person as well. The concept of the deli is to give a fill of an out door market and bringing it inside… Using a low tech feel and a rustic materials, outdoor tiles, outdoor windows that are used for air condition…
Demi balcony used for technical use. Wine room that looks like a shop in shop. The selling is a stretch fabric with sky graphics used in the morning and stars at night… A large window showing the meat in front as you go in. Street sign are used for ads and moor…

Designed by Ron Bliberg
Photographer: Yanai Ditch
Amigos, meat store, Ron Bliberg, Isreal, meat store, carmangerie, macelarie,Yanai Ditch, butcher shop, magazin carne, meat store,rustic materials

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