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Alma grocery Store

Location: Krakow, Poland
Made by: Moco Locco
Published in: January 14 2013 / Other Stores
The project contains a modification of existing standard design of commercial facilities operating under the brand banner – Alma. A 945 m2 store located in a shopping center Decada in Krakow, Poland. The idea was to refresh the brand image, in order to fit the profile of new, young customers. The store is in a loft style, in the interior all the installations are shown (ceilings are build only above individual stands), large floor plates imitate solid concrete.

All the walls are finished with concrete and painted with graffiti. The Alcohol stall is made from tall oak book stands and decorated with black hydraulic pipes. The counter in that department is made from wooden logs, strapped by sackcloth belts. The shop shelves are placed low and are in anthracite color. The crucial element of the shop are black boards with graphics appropriate for each stand.
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