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Albrecht 7exquisite shoes shop retail design

Location: Graz, Austria
Published in: February 19 2013 / Shoes / Bags
Middle of the Old Town runs a small, sleepy pedestrian zone - the Albrechtgasse. Here, the number 7 is since spring 2005, a new shop for exquisite shoes - 7 the ALBRECHT
Like a giant shoe box is a compact, multi-functional building pushes through the window level of the inner into the outer space
On the street side is a showcase of six colors lined presentation areas for exquisite individual pieces, he hides on the inside a new interpretation of the form of the shoe warehouse - a pantry on remembering store in countless drawers exquisite shoes, well stocked and ready.

Which reaches up to eye level to ceiling box provides space for a transparent glass joint. Along with the glass entrance doors located on both sides creates a transparency that deliberately allows insights into the store interior to specifically attract the interest of passers-by.

The second design, determining element is a snow-white inner wall which folds along the entire length of the rear wall and reacts with ease on existing ceiling jumps. Crystalline acts like a white fabric covered with the steel structure and presents gracefully cantilevered glass shelves on the exclusive merchandise. The mirrored side walls extend the interior optical infinity. The impression is reinforced by a passage yet - you walk into any small space introverted, but a multi-faceted structure of spaciousness.
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