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aether shipping containers pop-up store opening in San Francisco

Location: San Francisco
Source: superfuture
Made by: Thierry Gaugain
Published in: January 29 2013 / Pop-Up Shops / Stand
A brand for the discerning athlete, american sportswear brand aether has a very matching store - the brand's very first - in san francisco. the store consists of three stacked shipping containers, sized 2,44 x 2.,93 x 12,19 meter [8 x 9.6 x 40 ft.] and is a renewed design collab with paris-based architect thierry gaugain and who was joined by local practice envelope a+d.
The containers feature several strategic cut-outs that allow in daylight while the cantilevering section of the middle container - accommodating a little lounge furnished with two stylish vitra chairs - even features floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides. the structure's flooring consists of reclamed oak, and to adding up to the retail ingenuity is a conveyor belt that links all three floors and rotates select aether items. the new store carries the brand's full range of sportswear. location: 489 hayes street [hayes valley].
american sportswear brand , san francisco store design, pop-up store, shipping containers shop, containers cut-outs, sportswear

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