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Aesop opens in Beijing its first boutique in China

Location: Beijing
Source: cpp-luxury.com
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Published in: May 21 2024 / Beauty / Body Shops
Nestled within the storied confines of Beijing’s Wangfujing area, renowned for its royal mansions and sweet water wells, Aesop‘s new WF CENTRAL House 19 marks the brand’s first foray into China’s capital.

Conceived in collaboration with Atelier Suasua within a siheyuan—a traditional Chinese courtyard residence—the design honours the historical structure of House 19, which is a replica of the residences once owned by a cousin of the Qing dynasty’s last emperor, Puyi. The interiors are populated with classical Ming dynasty furniture and contemporary elements, while the outdoor space takes its cue from the ancient practice of creating shaded, communal spaces for respite from summer heat.

Stepping through the grand gateway, guests enter the expansive courtyard beneath fluttering silk, where the classic pergola is reimagined as a retractable structure draped in waterproof canvas and crimson xiangyunsha tea silk. This semi-outdoor area becomes the backdrop for a serene interplay of shadow and breeze.

A duo of long benches crafted from glazed tiles frame a pair of immense recycled stone troughs reminiscent of the goldfish basins traditionally placed beneath pergolas. To one side, a tea station that recalls a marketplace wonton stall invites guests to engage in a moment of reflection and refreshment.
Directly ahead, the main house is distinguished by high ceilings and wooden rafters characteristic of siheyuan architecture, which optimise natural light and airflow. Within this space, visitors can explore Aesop’s full range of unconventional formulations, which are displayed in large teak structures inspired by classic step-beds, commonly found during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Each of these alcoves conceal red copper sinks that are only discovered once inside, offering a more intimate environment in which to encounter Aesop’s superlative skin care products.

Adjacent to the main hall, the east pavilion is transformed into a Sensorium that opens an intriguing portal into the art of fragrance. Curious noses can enjoy a series of unique olfactory experiences, from discovering the aromatic fables of Aesop’s Eaux de Parfum at the two Fragrance Armoires to imbuing items of clothing with their preferred scent in the two infusion chambers.

The west pavilion houses a tranquil ensuite where in-depth individual consultations can occur, undisturbed. Step-bed-like structures with basins set against wooden bead curtains ensure privacy and serenity.

In this space steeped in historical and architectural significance, customers are encouraged to participate in the brand’s Rinse and Return initiative by bringing used Aesop packaging to the store, where it will be collected for future recycling.
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