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Aesop – Kyoto by Torafu Architects

Location: Kyoto
Published in: January 14 2014 / Beauty / Body Shops
Aesop Kawaramachi by Torafu Architects.

Torafu Architects don’t stop creating beautiful designs, wether it’s a toy or a store. Australian brand Aesop is known for great skin care products, and their newly opened store in Kyoto is located on a busy shopping street. Narrow space with austere walls and unique accents is a true feast of textures and beautiful nuances.

“We approached the project by making the most out of the original building structure with the addition of careful alteration. We brought functional part of the store compactly to the narrow space by the entrance, the back space will be a hospitality area consisting of sizable counter and long bench, where customer can relax. By utilizing the height of the vaulted ceiling, we hung squid fishing boat pendant lights like on mobile and filled the big space with light. As you go upstairs, you will find the 2nd floor as a gallery space, providing opportunity for customers to meet new people. Flexible board, used for the product shelf is made unburnable and has texture of mortar, taking advantage of its original unique feature. Together with the porous Ōya stone used for flooring, it provides a soft, natural palette that lends a pervasive sense of calm from the moment of entry. For façade, we covered entirely with flexible board, using interior elements, such as accent green color and squid fishing boat lamp, in order for people to realize continuity in space, letting the store stand out even in the colorful shopping street. ”
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