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AER for AISIDI store

Location: Shenzhen
Published in: January 03 2013 / Fashion Stores
for immediate release OCTOBER 2012

New brand and store concept for AISIDI kicks off in Shenzhen

COORDINATION ASIA completed a new breed of telecom stores named AER for AISIDI, one
of China’s leading resellers for mobile and digital products and services. AER is a retail
brand that enhances the life of the individual mobile user by offering customized mobile
services in a playful, cool and customer-focused environment. COORDINATION ASIA took
on branding as well as VI and store design for AER. The first AER store has now opened in
Shenzhen and new stores are planned to open China-wide within the coming year.
Inspired by the growing importance of mobile Internet use in daily life in China, COORDINATION
ASIA created an out-of-the-box brand that turns the act of purchasing a mobile product into an
active and fun experience. AER is based on a great understanding of mobile lifestyle, in which
mobile devices keep you connected, entertained and updated through a variety of online and
offline apps.

The store is designed as an interactive environment that caters to the needs of different targetcustomers:
Trendy, Lifestyle and Tech Savvy. Products are thematically presented in combination
with related accessories, apps and carriers on custom-made presentation tables with ‘serving
trays’. Following a black runway from the entrance, customers find the App Bar where they can
try out mobile apps on a large interactive screen. Painted pegboards are used to cover the walls
of the store. This allows display shelves to be hung freely within the whole space and to be
changed location at all times. The whole interior is flexible, so that changes in layout can be made
quick and easily.

COORDINATION ASIA has created a concept that fits perfectly the needs of the mobile-minded
customer, who is used-to ‘click and play’ and never wants to be bored. The ever-changing store
concept of AER will keep customers coming back, providing them with an exciting and new
experience every time.

COORDINATION is an award-winning agency for design and architecture with offices in Shanghai and Berlin. We
specialize in creating high impact environments in Brand, Exhibition and Museum Design. For more information or
inquiries, please contact: Esther Muñoz, Brand Consulting Manager COORDINATION ASIA, em@coordination-asia.com
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