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Adee Phelan Salon

Location: Birmingham
Source: yatzer
Made by: Ryan Mc Elhinney
Published in: December 31 2012 / Other Stores
You don’t have really to try too hard when you are inspired. You don’t have to deliver what others except you to, but neither do you have to try too hard to surprise them. You can remain true to yourself, but at the same time, be bold and innovative. You can avoid being literal to your references, but at the same time, be genuine and functional. When there is talent and inspiration, there is a high probability that good things will eventually happen. But when a little touch of fortunate teaming is added to the recipe, then there is magic! Such is the case of the new salon that Ryan Mc Elhinney created for celebrity hairdresser Adee Phelan. This is a true blissful example of the right ingredients at the right time and a genuine mix of design elegance and intuitive risk taking.

Many of you may already be familiar with Ryan Mc Elhinney’s work as we are already totally in love with his toy sculptures and particular personal style. Ryan is a truly gifted designer who doesn’t take himself too seriously and is always willing to try new things in order to achieve the design aesthetics he has in his mind. When celebrity hairdresser Adee Phelan asked him to design his new salon, located in one of the most talked about mixed use developments in Birmingham called The Cube, Ryan didn’t think twice.

Of course, there was the previous collaboration on Adee’s salon in Covent Garden with its enormous success which set the standards for the new project. Adee gave Ryan absolute artistic liberty and in turn Ryan gave Adee a mind blowing salon, full of pop references, amazing art, vintage furniture and a strangely familiar charm; much more than a cliché salon, the 4000 square foot space leaves you totally breathless. You cannot but simply admire the way everything has been put together, transmitting a sort of unexpected coziness, full of small details and not so small surprises!

Designing a space for a place like the Cube for a famous hairdresser like Adee Phelan must be quite a challenge. In which way have both things affected the way you designed the salon?
The Cube is an amazing building and in itself is very out there in its design. Adee wanted to make sure that if he was opening a salon it had to be the best and most talked about venue in the Midlands, let alone Birmingham. We had to work to very high standards and only use the best materials and tradesmen to keep the owners of The Cube happy. This is where FCH architects worked their magic. I could not have handled the build without them. In the end I was delighted there were such strict guide lines as it allowed me to create a high end Salon.

Tell us something about your future plans. What is left for you to explore?
Future plans. I have a lot in the pipeline. For the past year I have been working on a collection of toy sculptures depicting war and street crime. It's something I'm really passionate about and I feel it's my best work to date. I'm creating soldiers completely out of toys and hoping it highlights the terrible waste of young lives we see in wars and on our streets today. I also have a series of very quirky functional furniture that I'm in the process of turning into reality. It’s something I would like to collaborate with a gallery on. I'm also turning two of my bars into mini hotels. This is something I cannot wait to do. The rest I don't plan. I don't keep a diary; I actually like to see what life has in store for me.
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