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A sparkling standout in luxury - Dhamani 1969 by Callison

Location: Dubai
Source: callison
Made by: Callison
Published in: October 08 2014 / Jewelry / Watches
A shining gem amongst the luxury jewelry elite, the new Dhamani 1969 boutique at Dubai Mall is a world-class experiential destination. A modern interpretation of the traditional art salons found in the finest residential estates, the Dhamani 1969 boutique’s soft finishes, warm lighting, and plush details convey a sense of intimacy, serving as a branded, signature backdrop for viewing “the art of Dhamani”.

To accentuate the timelessness of Dhamani’s artistry and reinforce the feeling of handcrafted luxury, only the most exquisite materials, sourced from around the world, were chosen. Creamy Italian marble, golden silk-covered walls, rose gold trim, and hand-rubbed bronze finishes create the sensation of pure extravagance. Combining dark, elegant custom surfaces with signature lighting treatments produces an overall dazzle to the space, showcasing the beauty of Dhamani’s bejeweled creations. Callison’s design celebrates each of Dhamani’s handcrafted, one-of-a-kind masterpieces and distinct-cut gemstones as individual works of art.
Dhamani 1969, handcrafted luxury, exquisite materials, Italian marble, golden silk-covered walls, luxury, jewlery stores,

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